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Today many Christian denominations, including the Roman Catholic Church allow cremation. The Pope lifted the ban on cremations on the 5thJuly, 1963 and in 1966 made it permissible for Roman Catholic priests to conduct a cremation services Melbourne at a crematorium. While cremation is forbidden by Orthodox Jews and Muslims, it is the usual method of disposal for Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists.

 Why some choose Cremation. 

  • Cremation is traditional in your family, religious group, or geographical area.
  • You prefer the body to be returned quickly and cleanly to the elements.
  • You may believe that a cremated body becomes one with nature more quickly.
  • You may have environmental concerns.
  • Perhaps you are worried about the use of valuable land for cemetery space, or believe it is wrong to fill the ground with materials that won't biodegrade ... metal caskets and concrete vaults for cremation.
  • Selecting cremation allows you the choice also of different types of cremation services
After Cremation:

Cremated remains are returned to the next of kin in a rectangular temporary container or in an urn if the family has purchased one. An official certificate of cremation is prepared under the authority of the crematorium to accompany the remains after cremation.  The final disposition depends on the personal wishes of the deceased as well as their cultural and religious beliefs.

Cremated remains can be: 

  • Placed and stored in an urn.
  • Scattered on a special area, cemetery and  buried at sea.
  • Buried in the ground
  • Entombed
  • Incorporated,with urn and cement, into part of an artificial reef 
  • Small portions can be placed in a Keepsake Pendant 
  • Sprinkled from an Airplane    
  • Mixed into paint and made into a portrait of the deceased   
  • Made into a diamond or gem   
  • Placed into the Earth’s orbit 

Many options are available to those who choose cremation services.  Below are some brief descriptions of the options, designed to help you make your decision in planning a cremation service with a funeral.


With this arrangement visitation is held for one or two days, with the deceased viewed in a casket, and concludes with a traditional funeral service, followed by the cremation service. Giving friends and family an opportunity to view the deceased helps them in their grieving process. This service can also be personalized with a display of photographs and memorabilia of your loved one after cremation services.


Similar to the service outlined above, this includes visitation and a traditional funeral on the same day, with the deceased viewed in a casket. Cremation services takes place after the funeral service.


In this arrangement the cremation services takes place prior to the memorial service. This memorial service can be held in the funeral home, church, or synagogue, and can be at anytime that the family desires.

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